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Prices in the smartphone industry have skyrocketed due to the recent pandemic, chip crisis and the increasing ravintola vaasa exchange rate in our country. The iPhone series that Apple has launched since 2007 has also been directly affected by this situation. In this video, we evaluated the prices of all the models that the company has put up for sale so far. Here are the iPhone prices from yesterday to today…


The first iPhone was introduced in 2007, and then it quickly became the model that led the smartphone market and started a new era. In the video we prepared, we will remember the prices at which iPhone models were sold both in the USA and in our country since 2007, and we will look at where the prices come from.


We also see the change in flagship smartphone prices since 2007. Now let’s go back a bit and let’s take a look at what stages the iPhone models have gone through since 2007, as well as where their prices came from.

How have iPhone prices changed from past to present?
As ShiftDelete.Net, we continue to present you with different content. In this video, we examined the prices of all iPhone models released from yesterday to today. If you wish, let’s not prolong the talk and leave you alone with our video


When Apple announced the launch date in 2007, no one could have predicted what was going to happen. When it was time for the event on June 29, many had left with the thought that a new iPod would be introduced. After a short talk about the devices they have produced in the past, he started to speak. He said they made an iPod with a large touchscreen. He said that while everyone started to applaud, we also made a revolutionary mobile phone.

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Now the sounds of applause began to drown out Jobs’s voice, and he said that he would introduce a third, never seen internet access device. After that, silence started and people started to focus on the stage with great curiosity and wait. myget facebook hack

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Jobs couldn’t take it anymore and said that we are not introducing 3 different devices today and showed people the first generation iPhone that he took out of his pocket. From that day on, an unceasing competition began in the smartphone market. Today, Apple has become a $3 trillion company. iPhone (2007)


The biggest feature of the first-generation iPhone was that it combined the concept of a phone with Apple’s much-loved music player, the iPod. Using this device was quite easy, as it had the largest touchscreen of its time.

The so-called smart phones from different manufacturers allowed us to access the internet to a certain extent. However, this device is mentioned as the model that started the era of accessing the internet from mobile phones. Because which other phone at that time allowed access to Google Maps?

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The launch price of Apple’s first smartphone, the iPhone, was $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB memory model, with 1.3 million units sold all over the world.

iPhone 3G (2008)
With the 3G integration, these devices could now go beyond the edge connection speed. Moreover, its connectivity capabilities were so advanced that the first iPhone achieved the sales success of the first iPhone, as it has a cloud-based backup service, built-in GPS navigation system, and access to nearly 500 3rd party applications from the App Store. multiplied by 10.


Apple announced the launch sale price of the iPhone 3G model as $599 for the 8GB model. It also managed to sell 11.3 million units worldwide. This device was also the first iPhone model to be released and officially sold in Turkey with a sales price of 1200 TL.

iPhone 3GS (2009)
For this device, we can say that it is an intermediate model that brings everything that 3G has in an improved way. Apple planned to positively impact the user experience on the 3GS model. Some text features such as copy, cut and paste, which make the device easier to use, appeared for the first time in this model. It also brought features such as sending voice recordings and voice commands in MMS.